How to ensure you get affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts

We all know that guaranteed mobile phone contracts designed for individuals with a poor credit rating can be a tad expensive. The logic behind the rather high costs of these contracts is informed by the fact that those who apply for them are deemed as high risk. As such, providers tend to charge a high interest rate with the excuse that it serves to mitigate their risks should anything happen. One thing we cannot refute in the face of all these is that guaranteed mobile phone contracts are a necessary evil. Being denied a phone contract can be a bitter pill to swallow. Most of the time, you feel as if you are being discriminated upon and those with a better credit rating given preferential treatment.

It is for this reason that the unveiling of guaranteed mobile phone contracts was met with optimism especially from quarters that had over the years been on the receiving end of one rejection after the other. The matter of concern among many people is how to drastically reduce the cost of applying for these contracts or rather, how to ensure they get affordable deals. Well, there are a systematic process through which you can achieve this.

Do proper research

You cannot know which provider is offering affordable services if you give the idea of research a wide berth. Take time to compare a number of providers and actually inquire about the cost of their plans. You should not make your decision haphazardly as it provides fodder for regrets later. Don’t just do business with the first provider you interact with. If you are seeking for affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts, it is advisable that you read reviews, customer testimonials and compare the different packages on offer before you make the final decision.

Read the fine print

This cannot be stressed enough. If you have a habit of signing against the dotted line without reading the fine print, it’s about time you dropped that habit forever. The reason behind this is that the fine print might contain hidden charges which could further make your contract expensive. Take time to read the fine print and raise any questions if you feel that certain clauses are not clear to you. If the fine print have some hidden charges, you can always ask about it or it could be a cue that you should be looking for another provider that is honest upfront.


There is nothing absolutely wrong with haggling. If you feel as if your provider can give you a better deal, by all means haggle and agree on a price you feel you are comfortable with based on industry standards. However, before you haggle, ensure that you have done proper research and have facts to back up your clamour for a discount. This gives your provider the idea that you know what you are talking about. In essence, most providers are willing to oblige provided that you give them a reason to or your argument is based on facts and strong enough.

There you have it. You can always get affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts provided that you do your homework properly and are not afraid to haggle for a better price!