Do I have a guarantee of approval with guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

The fact that the phone contract is referred to as guaranteed pretty much gives you assurance or guarantee of approval irrespective of your credit score provided that you meet all the basic requirements. In essence, when you apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract with us, we can assure you that over 95% of the time your contract will be approved.

What is required before I can qualify to apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

When you choose to apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract with us, the requirements are pretty simple. For one, we require you to be a citizen of the larger United Kingdom. Secondly, we require that you be 18 years of age or above. Thirdly, in some circumstances, we might require that you make a small deposit prior to us approving your mobile phone contract?

Is it true that you really don’t carry out credit checks?

Well, the UK laws require that we carry out credit checks prior to approving any phone contracts. The difference is that we do not use the findings of the credit checks in any way to approve or deny your application. In essence, the credit checks make it easy for us to hook you up with an appropriate plan. You therefore need not worry about credit checks when applying for guaranteed phone contracts with us.

Why do I need to pay for an upfront payment prior to approval?

Considering the fact that we do not base your approval on the status of your credit score, we require that you pay a small upfront fee as a show of commitment and also as mitigation on our part should things not turn out as planned. This deposit is your money and will effectively be refunded to you at the end of the contract provided that your account with us is in good standing.

What if I have a small budget and still need to be considered for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

We understand that our customers do not have the same financial muscle and neither do they have uniform tastes and preferences. In this regard, we offer both new and refurbished guaranteed mobile phone contracts. What this essentially means is that if you have a small budget, you can always apply for a refurbished guaranteed mobile phone contract.

Can I apply for any type of phone with a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Yes. You are free to apply for any type of mobile phone you desire for. However, in order to be approved for high end latest smartphones such as the galaxy s7, we require that you make an upfront deposit to reduce the risks on our side.

What happens if I am unable to sustain my monthly repayments?

We understand that your financial situation could change in a whim and you end up facing difficulties making payments as earlier agreed. When this happens, we advise you to contact us so that we can draw up a new plan that is comfortable with you. However, should you not contact us and our attempts to contact you come to naught after falling behind for several months, we might be forced to take legal action against you.

Can I upgrade to a better package down the line?

If you are consistent in making payments and our scrutiny of your account shows it’s in good standing, we will inform you that you can upgrade to a better package if you so wish.

What is the minimum period I can be locked into the contract?

For guaranteed mobile phones, we require that you be locked in for a period not less than 18 months. However, the maximum period you wish to be locked in is at your discretion. The longer the term of the contract the smaller the monthly repayments and vice versa.