About Corporate Office

STC Phones is your trusted and reliable partner in so far as approval of guaranteed mobile phone contracts is concerned. Over the years, we have done everything within our power to ensure that we help as many people as possible get approved for a guaranteed mobile phone contract. We strongly believe that no UK citizen should be discriminated based on their credit score especially as regards mobile phone contracts. Irrespective of how poor your credit score is or how many times you’ve been rejected in the past, we can promise you that our help will be mercurial.

We not only assist thousands of UK citizens get approved for a mobile phone contract but also take it upon ourselves to ensure that they do so from an informed standpoint. For this reason, we continue to enlist the professional help of customer personnel that fully understand how mobile phone contracts work and how to interact with customers in a professional manner. We undertake to listen to you and help you get a phone contract in tandem with your budget, tastes as well as preferences. Our accomplishments speak for us and explains why we continue to be the provider of choice for UK customers with a poor credit rating seeking to get approved for one.